Why Should my Business Become a Channel Partner?

Posted on Wed, Jul 6, 2016 @ 09:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Fotolia_78607497_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgThe following is an excerpt from our nexogy Channel Partner Program guide. To learn more, we invite you to click here. 

nexogy’s cloud-based PBX and VoIP phone solutions have already changed the way thousands of businesses communicate, both amongst themselves and with customers. Our Channel Partners refer and sell these solutions to other organizations in their network/area; those in need of a more intuitive and complete phone system throughout their office(s).Existing nexogy customers, in particular, will find it very easy to discuss nexogy VoIP systems with colleagues in their networks. It’s much more effective to sell a product and service that you’re highly familiar with - one that you use yourself, every day - than it is to sell without this prior real-world use.

So, it’s easy to make sales as a nexogy Channel Partner… but why should I join?

The Benefits of the Channel Partner Program

In addition to offering the highest up-front sales commissions and residual percentages in the industry, the nexogy Channel Partner program is designed to make identifying and closing a sale absolutely seamless.

All Channel Partners are provided the marketing materials, installation/support guides and collateral they need to quickly and effectively close deals - and earn the residual bonuses they’re eligible for as a partner. Marketing materials and phone system plans are bundled, which makes explaining plans to sales opportunities very easy for our Channel Partners, regardless of prior experience with sales.

nexogy also provides its Channel Partners with their own sales leads, based on geographical location. If there’s a nexogy VoIP phone installation scheduled in a given area (or any other sales opportunities nexogy has in your area), Channel Partners in that area will be offered the job on behalf of nexogy, and receive commission for their work.

nexogy Channel Partners also enjoy faster ACH payments and provisioning, online training through the nexogy Knowledge Base and the ability to make and close deals entirely online.

Download the guide and become a nexogy Channel Partner today!

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