Incoming Call Management

  • Automatically route calls to your voicemail, cell or another person if you are unable to answer.

  • Efficiently route inbound calls to the right person or information within your organization.

  • Respond to inquiries faster for improved customer service.
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Business Productivity

Business Productivity

  • Direct calls to the right people, at the right moment.

  • Receive communications in the most convenient format.

  • Simplify the workflow associated with everyday tasks.

  • Reduce downtime with high-availability services.


  • Automatically re-route calls to your favorite device: Mac/PC, tablet or smartphone

  • Access phone systems remotely for on-the-go workers.

  • Enable employees to work from virtually anywhere.

  • Customers or vendors will never realize you’re away.
Central Management Control

Central Management Control

  • Place all of your phones—no matter their location—on a single network, and centrally manage them at your headquarters.

  • Get new users up and running faster and expedite issue resolution.

  • Reduce training time; no longer does each office need to know how to manage phones on site.