Concerned about protecting critical assets? 


“Many organizations continue to lack the appropriate skills necessary to define, implement and operate appropriate levels of data protection and privacy-specific security controls.” 

  • nexogy learns about your Business and its security and compliance needs, regardless of industry
  • nexogy creates custom IT Solutions to secure your network
  • We manage and maintain your solution Personalized service with dedicated account experts available 24x7.
  • Basic, Advanced, and Premium simplified bundles available.
  • Security from Anti-virus through Unified Threat Management.


How much can you afford to lose?

Please consider these:
  • Do you have a firewall? How old is it?
  • Do you have VoIP traffic passing through the firewall
  • Who monitors your firewall?
  • Do you have the time and expertise to ensure that your firewall policies are tested to ensure effectiveness?
  • How are you protecting against new threats from the Internet?
  • How and when do you implement vulnerability and system patches?
  • Do you know if any PC’s have unlicensed or unapproved software, and how do you monitor this?
  • What regulatory requirements apply to your company’s handling of data? How do you ensure compliance?
  • Has your company ever experienced any security breaches? What was the impact of the breach?
  • Peace of Mind
    • Minimize risk and protect your business’ mission-critical information
  • Save Money
    • Lower operational costs and upfront capital expense associated with managing, monitoring and securing your infrastructure
  • Make Your Life Easier
    • Comply with government and industry regulations through proactive security monitoring, documented security policies and procedures
  • Save Time
    • Shift the burden of security management to nexogy
    • On-demand reporting provides easy access and visibility to your critical business assets
  • Security Expertise:
    • latest knowledge in security, best practices and advanced configuration methods for ensuring the safety of your network.
  • Security Appliance Included:
    • Our model allows for a complete op-Ex model eliminating the need for capital investment in hardware
  • Proactive Management:
    • Proactively deploy latest security patches
  • Next-Gen Security Features:
    • Advanced features such as Web Security, Gateway Anti-Virus and Content Filtering add the required protection your business needs.
  • Monthly Reporting 

Managed Security provides a comprehensive suite of security packages to manage and protect your network assets

Need More Info

Protect your network assets:

  • Email Protection and Control
  • Email Encryption and DLP
  • Web Application Firewall Protection
  • Industry Proteccion (IPS)
  • ATP & Security Heartbeat
  • Remote Ethernet Device VPNClientless VPN
  • Web Protection & Control
  • Application Protection & Control
  • Web and App Traffic Shaping
  • Policy Management
  • Firewall & Network Routing
  • Base Traffic Shaping & Quotas
  • Secure Wireless
  • Authentication
  • Base VPN Options