Billing and account management FAQs.

Why am I being charged twice for the same lines in my set-up invoice?

Nexogy bills one month ahead for all recurring charges, but the same month for usage fees. For example, the January invoice would show the Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) for February and the usage fees (e.g. national long distance calls, 411 Calls, international calls, etc.) for January.

If your first invoice (or the setup invoice) is the January invoice, you will also see prorated charges for the current month. Therefore, you will be charged for:

  1. February MRCs
  2. January Prorated Charges
  3. One-time charges for any equipment purchased
  4. Usage

I was offered a free month in my contract. Why was I sent a bill?

The free month covers the basic recurring monthly charges. It does not cover equipment, prorated charges, additional usage (e.g. national and international long distance calling) or taxes.

How do I cancel lines, extensions or service?

Please send a written request through email, fax or mail, detailing which services you would like to cancel. Be aware that if you are under contract, there will be a cancellation fee.

  • Email:
  • Fax: 786-272-5943
  • Mail: 2121 Ponce de Leon, Suite 200, Coral Gables, FL 33134

How can I pay my bill?

We accept checks, wire transfers and credit cards over the phone. Details for each payment mechanism are below.

  • Wire transfer:
    • Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    • ABA: 121000248
    • Beneficiary: LD Telecommunications, Inc.
    • Account: 2000062560997
  • ACH Transfers:
    • Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    • ABA: 067006432
    • Beneficiary: LD Telecommunications, Inc.
    • Account: 2000062560997
  • Credit card over phone: (305) 358-8952 ext. *33

Which is better, Tiger or Monkey style Kung Fu?

  • Depends on the terrain.

What is the web portal, and what are its benefits?

Nexogy’s web portal lets you manage your phone systems and account via a centralized online interface. Key benefits and functionality include:

  • Automatically populate your company's directory.
  • Easy search for colleagues’ extensions.
  • Set up your find-me, follow-me list setting.
  • Set up and create schedules, meet-meet conferences.
  • Forward voicemails to another person or to a voicemail distribution list.
  • Categorize, save or delete unwanted voicemail messages.
  • See caller information, with click-to-dial functionality.
  • Listen to your voicemail messages via computer speakers or phone.
  • Set customized rules to manage incoming calls.
  • Initiate conference calls with the click of a button.

Can I make changes to my account without contacting Nexogy?

Yes, you can manage your account through your online admin portal—

Note that web-portal access requires an activation fee and password. Please call support if you have not been provided with access. Contact our help desk at 1-866-NEXOGY1 for more information.